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Barker’s Puppy Love

Yorkies and Chihuahuas


Patty Barker 

970041 S. 3480 Rd.

Sparks, OK 74869


Breed: ___________________________


Sex: _____________________________

Litter or Reg #: _____________________


Date of Birth: ______________________


Color or Markings: __________________


                           Purchase Price: $_____ plus $350 shipping 


All puppies are sold with full registration unless otherwise noted.



This is legal and binding contract between the seller and buyer. There is no oral representation or warranties not contained herein. This contract of sale contains the entire agreement between the parties. All implied guarantees are hereby excluded. Payments are only accepted in the following forms: Pay pal, Western Union, Money Gram, or Cash. This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of pick up or delivery.


1.     Puppy must be taken to the vet within 72 hours of purchase and the results of this check up must be received by the seller immediately or this contract is null and void.

2.     If puppy is declared to be in a life threatening condition by a practicing licensed vet within those 72 hours of purchase, a second opinion is required and the buyer must contact and provide seller with either a living puppy and papers or a necropsy report from your state lab at a cost to the buyer.

3.     Seller does not guarantee against hypoglycemia, diarrhea, wormy stool, coccidiosis, giarrdia, ear mites, external parasites, stress due to shipping, or new home. Other minor problems are not covered under this guarantee and are the responsibility of the buyer.

4.     There are not guarantees against the size, quality or fertility of the following puppy. Many breeds change color as they age and therefore color can not be guaranteed.

5.     Minor health problems that can be cured by medication/surgery are not covered by any guarantee. Seller is not responsible for accidents that can happen after puppy leaves seller, or during shipment by plane.

6.     Buyer is responsible for all financial cost once puppy is in buyer’s possession.


                                           PLEASE BE ADVISED!


1.     The buyer will not use the puppy/dog for guard dog duties/fighting or any other illegal activities. The puppy/dog will not be chained at anytime.

2.     If you can not keep the puppy/dog at anytime for any reason, seller will take the puppy/dog back at anytime. Buyer will not under any circumstances turn the puppy/dog over to a shelter/rescue group, the puppy must be returned to the seller. There will be no refund given.



The buyer has read and agrees to the above written guarantee on this ______ day of _______ year _______.


Print name of buyer                                                       Barker’s Puppy Love

___________________________                               Patty Barker

                                                                                     970041 S. 3480 Rd.   

Address: ___________________                                 Sparks, OK 74869                        

___________________________                               405/640/0920 or 918/866/2389                            


Phone: _____________________                               


Email: _____________________